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Cooler Launches First Business Solution to Address Global Warming Impact of Consumer Goods and Services

Oakland, Calif., Oct. 9, 2007 Cooler, a leading provider of commerce solutions that address global warming, today announced Cooler Complete™, the first program to help manufacturers and retailers of consumer products and services eliminate the global warming impact of what they sell. 

Cooler Complete is a comprehensive solution that, within weeks, delivers the top contributors to the carbon footprint of the company’s products, a proven emissions assessment, a roadmap for emission reductions, and high-quality offsets from renewable energy and pollution prevention projects. Cooler's approach and portfolio of high-quality offsets are approved by leading environmental groups, including Environmental Defense, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

"The NRDC is one of the leading environmental organizations putting forward solutions to global warming,” says Frances Beinecke, president of the NRDC. “We’re excited about working with Cooler to give consumers a new way to make a real difference in the fight against global warming in their everyday lives.”

“Fifty percent of U.S. consumers would rather do business with companies that are working to reduce global warming,” says Michel Gelobter, the founder and executive vice president of Cooler, who has over 25 years of environmental experience. “Nearly 40 percent of the average American’s global warming impact comes from everyday consumer products and services. Cooler is helping companies make an impact on global warming today. In doing so, companies not only reduce their own costs and pollution, but also reduce their customer’s carbon footprints, meet the demand for action, and legitimately brand themselves as part of the solution to global warming."

Cooler Complete also includes a customized marketing kit to help clients effectively communicate the actions they are taking to address the global warming.

In addition to launching Cooler Complete, Cooler also announced today the launch of its Web site,, where, at no additional cost, consumers can eliminate the global warming impact of their purchases from over 400 of the Internet's most popular stores.