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our story, mission, and values

our story

Cooler was created at Redefining Progress, the think-tank that helped design America’s most ground-breaking global warming laws and the Ecological Footprint. We were nurtured by the generous support of the David and Lucille N. Packard Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation. The scientific and environmental basis of our business was designed in partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Defense, and the National Wildlife Federation.

our mission

Our mission is to connect every purchase to a solution for global warming. Whether you’re a business or a consumer, Cooler aims to make it easy to know the impact of your actions and take direct action to reduce it. We bring together the world’s best-known companies and environmental organizations to provide trusted and transparent ways to stop pollution, to generate jobs, and to invest in a clean energy future.

our values

Cooler is dedicated to solving the climate crisis. The values that guide us are:

There is no bottom line without people and the environment.
Every customer, every partner, every employee makes the future every day.
Our customers and our partners can rest assured that their trust is well-placed.
Everything we do is open to scrutiny, review, and improvement.
It’s easy to do the right thing.
Achieving a cooler world means living life to the fullest.
We always aim for the best solutions.
  one world
Our actions have global impact.